Sabrina Starr out!!!

Well it was my first and last year attending the program which was an amazing experience for me. I did things I never ever did before and am thankful for that. I really did enjoy my time here and meeting new and awesome people. I really did have the chance of a life time and probably the only one to experience that from my tribe. Which makes me feel like I really made something for myself. Everything I did here was pretty amazing and makes me sad that it’s my last year and that’ll be the last time I see these people ever. But I hope I meet some of these people again in the future. Also my birthday here was not to shabby because I got surprised cheese enchiladas which my mom makes for me on birthday every year. So when I got them I started crying because I missed home. It’s such a bitter sweet moment because I don’t want to leave but I do want to go home. I’ll cherish these memories forever and ever. Until next time. Peace out

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O’ Lovely Wishtoyo

Traveling to Wishtoyo was very exciting for me because I had never been there before but was very excited to go. I couldn’t wait to see the ocean and the beautiful views that I’d see for the first time. But I really didn’t know what to expect once I got there. Anyway once we arrived at Wishtoyo I immediately felt the love and positive energy in that place as our caretakers sang as we all got off the cars. They gave us hugs like we were family and that we knew each other for a lifetime. They were all so loving and caring for us and it made me feel welcomed by these people I didn’t know. They made me feel like I was apart of there family which made my love grow for them even more. These people really made a huge impact on my life and I’ll always remember and cherish them in my heart. Because these people are good people, the kind of people you want in your life and the kind of people that’ll make you feel welcomed into their family. Also the food was AMAZING!!!!!!

By the way it’s Sabrina 🙂

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  1. An object I would put on the alter is a picture of an Apache Crown Dancer, more specifically the head Crow Dancer. The reason why is because it reminds me of my dad who was a natural born leader. At Sherman my dad played the role of the head Crown Dancer and when he committed suicide awhile ago we brought out a lot of pictures of him in High School in his attire. Also seeing these pictures really made me proud that he was my dad and that he taught me to be proud of where I come from.
  2. To me a tradition that has a lot of meaning to me is what’s called an Apache Sunrise Dance and what that is, is basically a girl’s puberty ceremony and how she is then transformed into a women. Usually the ceremony takes 6-8 month in preparation and last about a week. The ceremony really takes endurance, strength, and motivation. Because you feel the spirit of the White Painted Women, who was the mother of Apaches and is a powerful women. So it was really life-changing for me to experience this. Also every women in my family has had a Sunrise Dance.
  3. A tradition I would create is that the women in my future family would be gifted a pouch of yellow powder to pray with, an eagle plum to protect her, a red stone to give her endurance, and a pair of moccasins so she will always remember to walk in beauty through life and to be brought in a good way. To be close with her traditions and respect all her people. Because women are really praised in the Apache tribe so I would gift her these scared items to help protect her up brining in the world.

Shakespeare Woahhh…

For me the best part of today was when we talked about Shakespeare, I actually thought the class was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot and I was very alert in that class while most of the people where dozing off. Haha. I can’t remember the teachers name but he really inspired me and got me to think outside of the box. I also really liked the way he taught because it was really intriguing for me and I would like to now major in Romance Languages, Literature, and Linguistics. The reason I say now is because I really had no inspiration on what my major would be until we had this class. Another thing I appreciated was the gross anatomy with the human heart, kidney, and lungs. I actually did a cadaver anatomy before but what kept in my mind was that these were people with lives and family so that really took a toll on me because I couldn’t get that out of my mind. I also didn’t even touch the cadaver at all out of respect for the persons body. But this time around I felt like I was prepared mentally for the anatomy and thinking that this is for Educational purposes and that this person decided to do this for this reason and I really appreciated that. I prayed before the anatomy to Yousin (the creator) that he would allow me to go forth with the anatomy. I also enjoyed that Scott brought his dogs the brown one really brought me joy because he was really playful and kept licking my hand. By the way it’s Sabrinahhhh

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Because today was a Good Day by Sabrina S.

Today went by surprisingly fast. I thought it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon but it was really almost dinner time. But I enjoyed when Kim Marcus brought what his tribe’s people ate, we got to make and taste the food for ourselves. One of the foods he brought was Pinions or Pine Nuts which I grew up eating out in Apache Land so that made me think of home and how much I miss it. Also he brought the prickly pear cactus fruit which my tribe also eats so I was pretty familiar with that. Also the cactus fruit I ate was really good and juicy. All the foods he brought is what my tribe uses too so all of this made think of home.

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Sabrina: (Thinks today went easier*)

Well today I felt that it was a blessing that Saginaw Grant came here to talk about the importance of Education and keeping our Traditions alive. Also to take your tradition were every you go in life, like when your away from your people. I felt like he has hope for our generation to be more educated and traditional because slowly our traditions are fading, and I feel granted because he is trusting us to do so. I really like the moral of his story he told us “Take your time, Don’t grow up to fast” that really captures me to live life day by day and to gain as much knowledge as possible. To make my people proud. Also today I was talking a bit more often than usual, which means I’m getting more comfortable around other people and not as awkward.

Sabrina’s Second Day hmm…

Well today I really enjoyed the Martial Arts this morning because it was something new and I felt like I could attack anyone that would come and fight me. But what the highlight of my day was when we spent time at Pomona Museum with Lori Sisquoc, because I don’t really know anyone here or I’m really shy so when I heard Lori was here I thought “Hey I know someone finally” so there was a little ease for me. I also felt like I was more relaxed and talkative today. Also all the projects that Lori did was in her Native Traditions class which I took and so I was familiar which the projects, and people where just coming up to me and asking questions on how to make their basket “better”. But it was cool helping out people and stuff. Overall the day was A1. Can’t wait for what else is in store.

Sabrina C. Starr

First off my name is Sabrina Crysta Starr, I am 16 years old and I come from the San Carlos Apache Tribe and Tohono O’odham Nation of Arizona. I am currently a Senior at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, CA. I left my reservation to have a more higher education than what my people could provide for me. I had just turn 14 when I left, I wasn’t at all afraid because I was accompanied by two of my closets cousins. My uncle always told me the that when I get out of High School to get as far away from the reservation as I could, to go and explore the world, see what I never saw, and don’t look back until I’m ready to come home. Because home (the reservation) will always be there. So I really took that to heart. So my years at Sherman would defiantly be a highlight of my life. There I took part in an All-girls hand drum group. I also took part in sports as well such as Varsity Volleyball which was a redemption for because I fractured my ankle in my sophomore year and that took me out for the whole season. Another sport I did was long-jump during track season. I also took part in my dorm club and being the Vice President and an ITC Officer in my Junior Class. Also Sherman gave me an array of different Career Pathways to take, also some that I may never have known if I stayed on the reservation.