1. An object would be my zombie candles because they have an interesting background story to them. So last year my best friend Kyla got me candles for the birthday cake. It was going to be a surprise but she was running late so they became a gift for next year. The reason for the zombie candles is because of how much time I actually put into playing my video games. More into the background of playing video games is that I started out playing zombies in 8th grade. The meaning of the little zombie candles is that I understand I have a friend that will know the little things that matter to me.
  2. A tradition to me is Thursday night dinners. There is nights where some of my close family comes over and visits for dinner and there are nights when its just my step-moms close friends. My aunt usually brings some potato salad or her fry bread and soup for all of us to eat and enjoy. After that my family does they own thing either the children play outside or I go over to a friends house and watch a movie and hang out.
  3. A tradition that I would like to create is a social media post talking about how movements are being viewed and their opinion on how it can get bigger. The issue that I am strong about is being disconnected because of technology and social media. So putting these apps on our phones to good use by creating movements through groups. Anything can be a movement to express the issue of a certain thing or people.

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