It was my first time going to the island, and I was unbelievably excited. The Chumash village and the island felt like home because I also come from the coast but up north. So going on the boat to get there and camping on the island came natural to me. I am so grateful for Luhui, Ray, Uncle Johnny, and Nana. Im also so thankful that Mati, Auntie Sue, Auntie Georgie, Babe, and the rest of my Chumash family shared their culture and showed me so much love. Making a gord and a necklace to keep, was so fun. I’m going to take the love and the memory of how homie I felt at Wishtoyo. Im also gonna take the prayers and the words from the women ceremony and keep them in my heart. From Limuw, I’m going to take the image of all the ancestral sites and the image of the sun shining behind the hills and mountains. When I ran on the island with Edgar, I felt like my spirit was free and I’m going to hold that with me forever also. Wishtoyo is my second home, and the Chumash people are my family.


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