Well, i’ve been to Wishtoyo and Limuw and to be completely honest, i feel more at peace with myself. i don’t feel trapped in society anymore even though that’s exactly what i am. society. i feel less stressed and more powerful. it was amazing to see my aunts uncles, grandparents, cousins and mom welcoming us into the village. i say that if you forget what day it is, you’re spending your time perfectly. And that’s what happened. every day i’d hear “WHAT DAY IS IT?! SATURDAY??” i felt love and happiness and i’m so grateful to have spent it with these amazing people. we’ve honestly connected in a way that i can’t describe without crying. We’ve all been through a lot together, as one, that’s what makes us special. So at Wishtoyo, my take-away would be seeing the world with a third eye. A way of learning and living that no one else would understand. i still feel like i’m there.for Limuw, probably how it’s not bad to show your culture. NEVER! because “From the moment we are born and out of the womb, we scream and cry. and that is the sound of freedom.” Matt has a beautiful way with words. my god…sometimes it shocks me to know that i can call him family. I’m grateful… so with that, good night. and remember, i will always pledge allegiance to my culture!


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