Hello everyone I hope you had  an amazing day dude. In these past few days its been great but everyday I felt it was a different emotion vibe and experience for me. I was given the opportunity to go to Wishtoyo and I was able to go on a sacred island with my peers and it was AWESOME. Wishtoyo was so much fun I really enjoyed myself and I was able to leave with knowledge and great vibes. We did activities and we did presentations and they gave us certain topics and we had to present it to the group and it was cool. But I think my favorite part about my trip was the food and the ceremonies that we had I really loved that. When I was in Wishtoyo we gathered all the ladies and we had a woman’s ceremony and OH MY GOSHHH that was really cool I felt all of us ladies we were all connecting spiritually and mentally and I felt it was a safe circle to express myself and to let out my emotions even if it was positive or negative. But everyone there was so kind and beautiful and `they were so supportive. It wasn’t my first time going but it was my first time going with Pitzer but I hope that I get to go again. And when I was on the island we did snorkeling and canoeing and that was cool but the water was sooooooo cold at first but I liked the canoeing better because it was so relaxing and the view was great and floating on the beautiful water was HOLOGRAPHIC POTATOES man27939309864_9e0930db16_z. Also we were able to hike on sacred land and it was cool and being able to do that I was  very lucky and it was one heck of an experience and its something that I will never forget. Anyways that was my box knox and Im just very thankful that I got to experience this and to participate THANK YOU PITZER oh yeah and HAPPY BDAY SABRINA.




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