During my time at Wishtoyo, I learned about all these issues that impact the native communities and nations.We were working on a declaration to change the future of the native people. Unfortunately, we were not able to complete it, but we have decided to continue our research. This was a great experience in terms of working with other people who are in my generation. My biggest take away from Wishtoyo was the men ceremony. It was really good hearing other men talking about their experience, opinions, and advice. My biggest take away from Limuw Island was the run through. I ran with a mentor and a peer. It was a really great experience seeing everything through my eyes and so close up. I believe the run was about 3 miles. Limuw and Wishtoyo are really similar because they have indigenous history and memories. The only thing that was different was the type of environment. The air felt much fresher in Limuw than in Wishtoyo. Overall, this was a great experience.


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