At Wishtoyo i learned so much about the Chumash people. The first night was amazing as we were greeted in with a traditional song and that alone was an honor to me. the next day we left to Limu Island. we walked about three miles just to get to where we were staying, after some of us bonded over some games of pool. The next day we went down to the beach. On our last day on the island we went kayaking and snorkeling, I personally liked kayaking more because it was more easier and fun than snorkeling.As we were on our way back to where the boat leaves us we saw a lot of dolphins and saw a wale, it was really amazing because i never seen a wale. On our second to last day at Wishtoyo we had an all men’s ceremony and it was really encouraging to hear what the elders had to give us as advise. overall my time at both Wishtoyo and Limu island was really amazing and id like to thank them all for having there with them


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