Before I came to this program I was expecting just to come to Pitzer and learn about a little about native culture. I did not expect to evolve my understandings in native traditions, thinkings, language, and to especially learn alot more about problems within native communities. The first time I saw everyone here at this program I was pretty sure a few of them were really annoying and I would not want to talk to them. Now I am really close friends with them all and am even getting them on social media to keep in touch for long times to come. During this program we got into deep conversations which we all need to work on spreading what we learned with others. I was able to get stronger in my writing and feel more comfortable about applying to college. I will not forget traveling to Limuw island and hiking to the beach. I will also remember the run I shared with my friends through the island and even teaming up to form a power house team in Pool. Im going to be using alot of my new knowledge throughout my life. I learned to open up more through our theater classes and enjoyed myself through everything we did. Autobots roll out. 


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