During this program, I was not comfortable with being in a group because I didn’t know anybody. Going further into the program, I made certain connections with students and teachers. This made me more comfortable with them and motivated me to wake up every morning. The schedules were always so intense and kept me with exhaustion. Even though we got little free time, I still think it was a good learning experience. My favorite part was going to Wishtoyo and Limuw because it felt so natural. I had this white shirt that smelled so dank. I wore it because I didn’t care and felt free. I really liked making the declaration because I felt empowered. We didn’t finish, but we will continue to work on it. I believe that Wishotyo and Limuw. I appreciate all the mentors for keeping us safe and getting us to bed so early. I wanted to thank Scott for putting this program together. I hope I come next year.28154716773_555336a4fa_z


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