I wanted to thank Scott and all of the mentors for such a great experience in Pitzer. Also I have learned a lot form them and they have made me reboot my view on the world and see the world in different perspectives and even changed the way how I look at myself and the things I need to improve about myself. I also wanted to thank Mati and Lahui for inviting the group and I to Wishtoyo and teaching us such great values and making us wiser and bringing us a step closer to being great elders in the future. I hope to visit Wishtoyo very soon. Oh how can I forget my favorite mentor Edgar. Edgar was such a great help academically, mentally and emotionally. He has opened my eyes to such a different perspective about different variety of things all over the world. Thank you so much Edgar for everything and I hope to keep in touch with you. Thank everyone for making this trip such a great experience and I will miss everyone very dearly. 😥


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