I must admit, despite my own inner turmoil as a religious morning person who mustered many a grumble for Hectors 6:00 indigenous games, today I felt a bit naked without our routine round of good ol’ Makahiki games. I mean, okay, I may not miss you 6:00am. But this morning certainly felt blasphemous and off (a feeling I could process thank’s to a full nights sleep) without Hector.

Today we had a really thought provoking exercise collaging recent newspaper headlines into future events we would either expect or prefer to see the media highlighting as updates on the indigenous struggle. It was a very personal and curious activity that revealed the students relationship with being indigenous and what we think future generations relationship with being indigenous would be. Each poster had its own interesting and specific limitations that revealed so much depth and begged the question how big do we dream. How big can we dream? What I appreciated as a  centralizing theme to everyone’s expected/desired objective for the state of recognized indigenous rights and identity that we depend on for cultural survival was the idea that oppression would still exist. However, we would unify our voices and the new systems that we are changing for our people would have to pay attention.

Then we talked about building global community which was amazing.


Thank you piitzer 🙂




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