Hey everybody happy sunday!

My name is Belmont but you can call me Monty if that is easier. First I will give you a little information about myself. I was born in Los Angeles (Occupied Tongva Territory) and moved to New York City (Occupied Lenape Territory) when I was 5. I grew up in the city skateboarding through traffic, cooking for my family, and making pottery in school. After graduating high school I attended University of Edinburgh for college. After a year of studying I left and worked as a cook in Brooklyn. A year went by and I decided to go back to college and was accepted at Pitzer College. I graduated two years ago with a degree in Environmental Policy. Since graduation I have had the opportunity to support a variety of Native-led projects mostly focussed on land defense. I spent the fall out on Lakota Dakota territory contributing to efforts to block the Dakota Access Pipeline. To pay my bills I have been doing carpentry, sustainable landscaping, and catering. I’m hoping to apply to law school or grad school this coming year. I love to write, cook, and learn things and cant wait to learn from all the students this year.


I am currently sitting in the computer lab at Pitzer spending some quality reflection time with my fellow Mentors. This year’s crew is AMAZING! We’re all so excited to meet this year’s group of students.

Cant wait to see you all Tuesday!

Safe Travels


28492695010_0eeb0f502d_z.jpg Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 4.31.53 PM.png28162248663_895817bc77_z.jpg


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