Not Yours
A little bit of resistance, I found this sign in the Los Angeles Airport a few months ago and I found it super hilarious. After a bit of revision I feel like this fits reality a bit better Haha. Hope you all enjoy!! Extra points to who ever finds this on their way back home. 

Hey Everyone!!

My Name is Phil and I’m from the Tuscarora Indian Reservation. I’m Cayuga on my mom’s side and Tuscarora on my dad’s side. I wanted to say a quick welcome to Pitzer! We’re all super excited for you to be here with us this summer for the Native Youth to College program!! I’m going to be a mentor this year and I’m really happy to be here to meet you all in the next few days. We’re all super busy getting ready for you all to arrive. If you have any questions about me or anything please ask away!! I’ll be living in A211, suitemates with Tekpatl, so if you ever need anything thats where I’ll be!!


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