Mentors and Staff in Cahuilla territory for mentor training hosted by Mr. Kim Marcus.

Hello friends, both new and old!

My name is Genna Kules and I will be your media mentor this summer. My role is to photograph and document the activities we do during the program. I will also be helping out with blogging and all things media-related.

I am from what is dominantly called the Washington, DC area, the original home to many indigenous communities including the Piscataway tribe. My ancestors are European, mostly Polish, Italian, English, Irish, and Scottish, but have all been on this land for at least two generations, some much longer.

In the fall I will begin my fourth year of school at Pitzer College. I am a Media Studies major focusing in video production and participatory media, and a Spanish minor.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with the NY2C program this summer. I cannot wait to meet everyone tomorrow!


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