Blog Prompt: Thank You’s and Biggest Takeaways

Today is our final blogging session 😦 I know you are all so sad to hear it.

This blog post has two parts. Please respond to BOTH prompts. 

1.  Write to your mentors, teachers, Elders and anyone else who has helped or guided you throughout these two weeks. Acknowledge them for what they did for you. Part of living life is getting help and saying Thank You.

2.  Write about your biggest takeaway from this experience.  What have you learned here and how will you apply this to your life back home, in school, etc….

If you need help remembering names or events, just ask!

If you have not yet written a statement about the photo you created in Photoshop… 

Please write another post saying why you chose the different images you did, and what message are you trying to convey by putting these pieces together. What does this photo mean to you? How do you want people to feel or react, and what do you want them to understand when they see it?

Add a JPEG image of your photo to the post. Let us know when you are ready and we will help you export your photo as a JPEG.


Blog Prompt: Think Back and Reflect

Think back over the past few days. They have been jam-packed with activities and learning experiences. What have you learned?

Dig deep. Reflect on your experiences with the activities.

Write about any and/or all of the following:

  • Footprints “What are we leaving behind?” Talking Circle with Auntie Julia
  • Basket Weaving with Auntie Sisquoc
  • Green Energy and Jobs
  • Anatomy and Animation: the Art and Science of the Moving Image
  • Pitzer and Pomona College Tours
  • Mayan Math
  • Writing with Shelva
  • Indigenous Games
  • Limu Island
  • Drum Circle with Auntie Josie

Second to last Blogg!! :( Saturday, July 23, 2017

Today was your last writing classes with Shelva and your last day of Aztec Math with Candonache 😦

Please write about your biggest takeaways from those classes. What does it mean to you to be learning to look at the world through a different, more circular worldview, and through the view of the Nepohualtzintzin.

This could also be a thank you post or letter to your professors.

Love and Light,


Friday, July 21

Today, many of you went to Gross Anatomy Lab where you looked at cadavers and examined our insides. If you feel so moved, you are welcome to blog about your experience there. If you didn’t get to experience that today, perhaps you’d like to write about not being allowed to attend.

Otherwise, we’d like you to write about knowing yourself. That could mean…

  • knowing your body on a deeper level (literally!) than you ever thought you would
  • knowing your spirit and your connections with all of our relations
  • knowing your strengths and limitations (because both are important!)
  • taking care of yourself
  • knowing your heart and living by it

¿How are you getting to know yourself? ¿What are you learning?

love and light, G+G

What will be your path to change? Thursday, July 20th

Hello wonderful students!

As you walked into the computer lab tonight you may have noticed the quotes from different Native American activists and artists posted around the room. Tonight we are writing about change. As you leave the program and move into the rest of your lives, what will you take with you? What changes do you wish to see in the world and for our mother earth and ocean, for the air and our communities? After Social Movements with Joe Parker and the books we have been talking about, we wanted to give you the opportunity to think about the changes you wish to see in this world.

What or who in the program has inspired you, and what legacy do you hope to leave for the future generations? 

– Genna and Gina

P.S. If you would any photos you’ve taken added to flickr or you would like to add a quote to the wall, email it to me along with the author and I will get it printed.

Blog Prompt Day 4

We would like to start by thanking all of the students. We have tackled some pretty tough subjects over the past few days and you all have made wonderful, powerful contributions to every conversation and activity. We have also celebrated and come together through music and song, prayer and Aztec dance.

Today we would like you to blog on anything and everything you want. It could be something that has happened so far, or something you’re feeling and experiencing in this moment. You could dive into a single moment and describe it, how you felt both emotionally and physically in that moment. Describe your surroundings, the smells, where the sun was in the sky. A small moment can make for a big story sometimes.

So let’s recap…

  • We’ve done some creative writing with Shelva and started brainstorming and researching colleges.

  • We’ve begun to develop our voice with a couple of blog posts

  • Vicente has shared some lessons on the Nepohualtzintzin

  • Vicente and Coyo shared Aztec Dance

  • We colored and beaded with Auntie Julia

  • The blanket exercise

  • Soapstones with Auntie Julia

  • Clapper Sticks with Auntie Julia

  • Spirit Game: Pride of A Nation
  • Free time and self care

  • The pool

  • Probably lots more…


So don’t hold back, push yourself! Explore something by writing about it… never know what you might learn.


-Gina and Genna

Welcome, Students!

Mentors and Staff in Cahuilla territory for mentor training hosted by Mr. Kim Marcus.

Hello friends, both new and old!

My name is Genna Kules and I will be your media mentor this summer. My role is to photograph and document the activities we do during the program. I will also be helping out with blogging and all things media-related.

I am from what is dominantly called the Washington, DC area, the original home to many indigenous communities including the Piscataway tribe. My ancestors are European, mostly Polish, Italian, English, Irish, and Scottish, but have all been on this land for at least two generations, some much longer.

In the fall I will begin my fourth year of school at Pitzer College. I am a Media Studies major focusing in video production and participatory media, and a Spanish minor.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with the NY2C program this summer. I cannot wait to meet everyone tomorrow!