Today was my first day of my second year at Pitzer’s Native Youth 2 College program, Being back on campus brought back tons of amazing memories that I had last year. I choose to come back because last year i had such an amazing time with old and new friends; From learning about my culture to being given so many beneficial insights on pursuing a higher education. I am most excited about hearing from other critically thinking indigenous youth and elders. I don’t think I am too nervous about anything because everyone in the program is pretty welcoming and respectful. My mentor is one of my long time friends Tekpatl who was a former menti and is now a mentor, something  I look forward to trying when I am eligible. My favorite part of today was reconvening with friends that I hadn’t seen since last year, catching up while making clapping sticks with elder Julia was my favorite part of the day. THE FOOD, I forgot how delicious pitzers dining hall was; the alfredo pasta was amazing. A couple of my mentors are vegan and they influenced e to start up with being vegan so I decided to join then so all my meals from here on out will be vegan. Back to the clapping sticks, the sticks to me mean the sharing of traditional knowledge that’s been stripped from our people for 525 years. Soooooooooo I’m pretty tired and I gotta be up at 6:45 with my buddy D-Money, Goodnight.


One thought on “Ansel’s 2nd first day

  1. You sure about being vegan first? Some people find it easier to try being vegetarian first 😝😂

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