Hey everyone I wanted to just quickly introduce myself and tell you all about my wonderful first day at pitzer college. My name is Christine Estudillo a student at Anahuacalmecac University of Preporatory of North America and a this is my first year at the Native 2 Youth College Pitzer College Program. I am very energetic and hope to use all of that energy during this 2 week program.

My First day at Pitzer I was amazed by how far away people came from just to be here and to participate in this program. I enjoyed seeing all these people share there indigenous backgrounds and seeing how we all are different yet we are still connected in many ways. I was very nervous in the beginning but throughout the day I gained confidence and I got to meet so many different people and find a connection with them in some way. We did activities from Theatre to a talking circle where we all shared who are rocks /role models are and even did a hand on activity by making clapping sticks. I would like to say that my favorite part of the day would have to be Theater because that was were I was able to loosen up a bit and finally get to meet so many people. Over the next few weeks I would love to learn more about my peers cultures and as well as learn to create something new every day.

Peace and Love Christine


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