The movie “Spirit Game: Pride of a nation” takes place on the Iroquois Nation in New York. It tells a story about the origin of lacrosse and the history of the Onondaga people. As the story continues, the Iroquois nation gets a chance to play in nationals against other nations. The Iroquois nation at first didn’t have the right to play with the other teams, so they were fighting to get their rightful spot back into nationals. After watching this amazing documentary, I feel inspired because these people fought for their rights to play the game that was their own in the first place. I also feel touched emotionally because not a lot of American history teaches students enough about Native Americans and our culture. Most people who are not indigenous think Native Americans are extinct and that is my greatest fear. The fear of my language dying is very terrifying and this movie has taught me that not to forget who you are and where you come from. This movie has taught me to have pride of who I am.


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