Destiny OUT #SEN19RS!

It feels so unreal that I’m going to be a senior, even though I have been looking forward to this for the past three years of my life. As a returning student to this program, I gained more friends than the year before and I’m glad that I did.

To the mentors, thank you for being our big brothers and sisters and looking out for us and teaching us your college experiences. And also giving us advice on what to expect when we leave for college.

Thank you Ms. Shelva for teaching us how to research for scholarships, financial aid, and schools that fit our interests. I feel more confident than I ever did before about college and it’s the best feeling ever.

Thank you Ms. Julia for sharing your wisdom and perspectives on life and seeing the world in a positive point of view.

Thank you Ms. Gina and Genna for being patient with us and teaching us about photography and the Adobe Apps I had a lot of fun creating and bring my imaginations to life.

And to the students that turned into friends and turned into my NY2C family, thank you for making my last year at NY2C memorable.28544918397_3c46979d9a_z


Reaching the Destiny Horizon

To me, I thought high school was going to be this place where everyone in the entire school become best friends, jump on the tables at lunch and say “we’re all in this together!” When I was a freshman and in high school for the first time, I realized that High School Musical and TV lied about all of that (ridiculous I know). But as the years go by, the more I realize that I’m going to be in college and eventually on my own. When I was a sophomore, I couldn’t wait for senior year and leave my hometown. Recently this year, however, junior year was coming to an end and I start to feel a little doubt in myself. It’s the kind of doubt when you feel like you don’t belong in the college environment with other kids outside the reservation and you feel intimidated by where they come from and how rigorous their classes were when they were in high school. I was also clueless on how to do the whole college application process until Ms. Shelva showed us how last year. I felt more at ease and even confident on going to college, especially the support I receive from my family and friends. I was told by people before me that senior year is the year that you got to work hard than you’ve ever did before and it’s going to be tough. Whatever senior year has waiting for me, I’ll be ready for it. I don’t care how hard school is going to get, all I know is I’m finishing strong, walking across that stage and getting my diploma. I will reach my horizon.horizon.jpg

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars”- Martin Luther King Jr.

When I was a little girl, I had this fantasy that I wanted to be an astronaut. In the mind of a five year old, when you’re an astronaut, you get to go to a whole world and touch the stars and even if you’re lucky enough, you could stop by the moon and eat some of it’s cheese. I still have this dream to this day, except being an astronaut. I still want to touch the stars and dream bigger than I’ve ever did. I choose my hometown because even the most well known people came from a place where people don’t know exactly where that place is. One day, I know I will be able to touch those stars and my dream will become a reality. And also special birthday shout out to Ms. Julia! Happy Birthday!!NativePortrait_Destiny.jpg

Dear Wishtoyo, you will always be beautiful: Destiny

To me, Wishtoyo is a place where you can heal spiritually and mentally. It’s a place where you can have bonds with people you thought you would never talk to. The laughter you will share with close friends that soon turn into a family. Wishtoyo to me is a place that you can call home, even though you’re not from there. When someone says the word “Wishtoyo” I can smell the smoke from the fire in the circle where words of wisdom has been spoken. I can hear the waves crashing on the beach and feel the soft warm sand under my feet. I’ve learned that you can’t take life for granted and live your life to the fullest. A wise man said when you’re born and you cry and scream for the first time, that is the sound of freedom and you shape your own path to your journey to your next chapter. I also met this amazing friend from last year. R.I.P. Sho Shoi28544926917_0157db8acc_z (1)

Destiny watches Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation… Again!

When I saw this movie last year, I gained a lot of information about the game of lacrosse and the team. It became one of my favorite sport documentaries to watch because of the thrill and the intensity of each game. It was also emotional at parts and I understood the experiences the Iroquois people went through just to play their game.

Now coming back and watching Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation the second time, I still feel the thrill and intensity watching the movie. I definitely enjoyed watching it again and I think it’s funny how I already forgot what happens in the movie and then I suddenly remember what happens. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes sports documentaries.

Destiny’s 3rd day at NY2C!

The concepts of communication and community that we practiced today in Mexican Flower Wars are teaching people to not only watch out and protect yourself,  but also protect the people that mean a lot to you. The game taught us coming together as one and value everyone’s ideas and suggestions; I think that’s what makes a good leader a great one.

43235143132_cd88f29539_zAs I was actually thinking about what environmental and law issues the Navajo Nation has, I feel more aware listening and reading more about the abandoned uranium mines, how to protect the Bear’s Ears National Monument, and even going back to the past and analyzing how The Long Walk still has an affect on our Navajo people today. This has taught me that my generation and others after are the future of the entire community, country, and even the world. Listening to the issues that are going on inspires me to at least read and learn more on about what I can do to help people.

Destiny’s back to NY2C!

When I came off of the plane and was picked up by Violet, I immediately felt that same good, positive, welcoming vibe from last year and I felt like I was at home. Arriving at campus and seeing old and new friends is the best feeling ever. I missed the people, the scenery, and the knowledge from this program and ever since last year, I couldn’t wait for July 2018.

Even though today’s heat was almost unbearable, I still had a good day. Finally seeing friends from last year felt like a family reunion and I haven’t talked to a lot of new people yet, so anybody reading this that doesn’t know me, just say “Hey!” I’m willing to meet new people. 42530470294_4f7b897fce_z

“If you’re a proud Native, decolonize your mind.” by: Destiny

Today we had a lecture about Native American history and government. He had a lot of good information about how many Native Americans suffered through their trials and tribulations when the intruders came to America and started to colonize the land. There was a certain thing that was said that made me feel like I was targeted. When he said that if you’re a proud Native, decolonize your mind from the christian mind.

I felt stupid when I didn’t speak up when I felt offended. I honestly didn’t know what held me back of not saying anything. When he said “that guy that’s hanging on the cross didn’t die for you, you’re ancestors did.” The way he presented his lecture, he said his message with anger and I think that’s what made me upset also. He made believing in Jesus was a bad thing as an indigenous person.

He made the message sound like we have to believe in one thing only, it can’t be both. As a proud Baptist Navajo, I know who I am about my identity and no one can change that. I thought it was hypocritical of him to say don’t let anyone change your identity, yet he said and the end I have to believe in a certain thing to be a proud native. I get to decide who I am. I didn’t want to be rude, but he was the one who was being rude. I didn’t stand up for my rights and I don’t know why I didn’t. He has his truth and I have mine.

“Proud Native of my own invention.”-Neeka

Having a big Heart by: Destiny

Today in the Gross Anatomy lab, all of us were studying the organs of human being. As I was holding a human heart, I was amazed about how real that moment was. I was holding someone’s organ that beats with emotion and feeling. It was someone’s heart that beats at a fast pace when they feel love and excitement. I was always told that I have a huge heart. Not literally but emotionally. For me, it feels better to give than to receive because it gives me a warm feeling. It’s that type of warm feeling when you do something good and someone gives you appreciation. Even the smallest good deeds is always a good deed because there isn’t a lot of good people in this world anymore. So I really like to help people and that’s why I volunteer the most I can such as student council and National Honor Society. I don’t do this to get other people’s approval, i help people because it’s just how I was raised. Being a daughter of two Air Force veterans isn’t easy. My parents are always on me, but I know they are stern because they care about me. So by having a big heart, I hope to inspire and be a good role model. 35887462866_237f96e278_z

Saving a Dying Language: by Destiny

” The Marines talked to me, interviewing me in English about my family and my education… There were no interviews in Navajo. Apparently the Marines assumed we all spoke Navajo.”- Chester Nez (1921-2014). This quote was said by a World War 2 Marine veteran. He was the last original Navajo Code Talker to serve in the Marines. So in this quote, Chester’s saying even though he has to suffer a lot in order to learn English at school, he reaps the rewards later when he can prove to the Marine recruiters that his grasp of English is strong as his grasp of Navajo. He’ll need both languages for his work as a code talker. The Code Talkers stories really inspires me to learn more about my language and culture. I realized that I took being able to speak Navajo as a little girl for granted because I’m eager to learn more and save my language for my people, before it dies out.code-talkers-nara