We would like to start by thanking all of the students. We have tackled some pretty tough subjects over the past few days and you all have made wonderful, powerful contributions to every conversation and activity. We have also celebrated and come together through music and song, prayer and Aztec dance.

Today we would like you to blog on anything and everything you want. It could be something that has happened so far, or something you’re feeling and experiencing in this moment. You could dive into a single moment and describe it, how you felt both emotionally and physically in that moment. Describe your surroundings, the smells, where the sun was in the sky. A small moment can make for a big story sometimes.

So let’s recap…

  • We’ve done some creative writing with Shelva and started brainstorming and researching colleges.

  • We’ve begun to develop our voice with a couple of blog posts

  • Vicente has shared some lessons on the Nepohualtzintzin

  • Vicente and Coyo shared Aztec Dance

  • We colored and beaded with Auntie Julia

  • The blanket exercise

  • Soapstones with Auntie Julia

  • Clapper Sticks with Auntie Julia

  • Spirit Game: Pride of A Nation
  • Free time and self care

  • The pool

  • Probably lots more…


So don’t hold back, push yourself! Explore something by writing about it… never know what you might learn.


-Gina and Genna


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