This day is a well deserved day, my friend and I went to breakfast at the cafeteria. I wasn’t hungry enough to grab a big plate so, I instead fixed myself a decent bowl of cereal and then headed to the table to chat.

first off I wanted to say that the Aztec dance is a great way to start off my morning with Vicente and Coyo. I would like to give respect to them as they help me learn the teaching of this dance and the meaning of it. Not only that but Vicente and Coyo also taught me how the Nepohualtzintin was created. Another thing that he taught me was that the Aztec value the sun and were highly educated before the Spaniards colonized Mesoamerica.  I am glad that Vincent taught me this valuable  lesson, if i didn’t know about this I could’ve live my life not knowing about the Nepohualtzintin knowledge and their sacred way.

Another exciting thing was that i spend my time with the girls on beading a cute bracelet and coloring with Julia. I would like to give thanks to Julia for coming down and showing us on how to bead.

After that Marissa and I went on a trip to Yogurt Land. Inside the store is very cool compare from outside and the Van ( including the A.C ). The plaza, also known as “The Village”

Friday July 14th                                                                                                              – Marisa Sosa


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