Sisquoc & Josie Inspiration

Hello everyone, my name is Marisa . Coming to the Native Youth to College Program has connected me with my high school teachers/elders from Sherman. During the program Lori Sisquoc shared the making of the traditional basket. During this activity I learn about of weaving and the creativity of designs. I also got in contact with Josie Montes, my high school women’s traditional drum group “White Rose.” I had the chance to play the hand drum and sing songs shared by Josie. It really created a bond with my other mentees because they got to experience the teachings of songs and basket weaving taught at my boarding school that I am surrounded by on a daily basis. These elders have inspire me to implement new ideas of being a young native american women by following these teachings  of songs, languages, and cultural expressions. The legacy I hope to leave for the future generations is to inspire children to learn their culture through sacred songs and traditional basket weaving. Another thing is for the future generations to know who they come from and where they belong in the world. I would like to give the generation a knowledge of how their ancestors lived in harmony and creating.








Thursday July 20th                                                                                                    -Marisa Sosa

Day 5

Indigenous games is a great game to start off my morning. It help me wake up to get me energize for the day. After a quick exercise everyone went to two separate groups for martial arts training. Its quite a workout, especially running. I would like to give thanks to hector for teaching us how to defend ourselves and having fun at the same time. I cant wait for the game that he was preparing us for. what the game is about is that you must move your arms quick enough from the opponent to not to touch your head. And if they do then the person who is blocking is out of the game. but the team must protect a person who is holding a staff and must reach to the goal, but if that person gets touch and the head then they have to return where he/she came from.

Saturday July 15th                                                                                                        – Marisa Sosa

My 4th Day

This day is a well deserved day, my friend and I went to breakfast at the cafeteria. I wasn’t hungry enough to grab a big plate so, I instead fixed myself a decent bowl of cereal and then headed to the table to chat.

first off I wanted to say that the Aztec dance is a great way to start off my morning with Vicente and Coyo. I would like to give respect to them as they help me learn the teaching of this dance and the meaning of it. Not only that but Vicente and Coyo also taught me how the Nepohualtzintin was created. Another thing that he taught me was that the Aztec value the sun and were highly educated before the Spaniards colonized Mesoamerica.  I am glad that Vincent taught me this valuable  lesson, if i didn’t know about this I could’ve live my life not knowing about the Nepohualtzintin knowledge and their sacred way.

Another exciting thing was that i spend my time with the girls on beading a cute bracelet and coloring with Julia. I would like to give thanks to Julia for coming down and showing us on how to bead.

After that Marissa and I went on a trip to Yogurt Land. Inside the store is very cool compare from outside and the Van ( including the A.C ). The plaza, also known as “The Village”

Friday July 14th                                                                                                              – Marisa Sosa

The Spirit of the Game!!! :D

“Spirit of the Game” is an accomplish documentary in which it shows the Iroquois game that has been past down for generations in their nation. The Iroquois team kept their honor and respect for the team, not only that but also displaying a good respect to their teammate.

Wednesday July 12th                                                                                     -Marisa Sosa

My Glory Day

Greetings and salutations.
(Haha a 80’s reference)

Hello my fellow peers. You may not know me but…. I may not know you either. so its a win-win kind of situation. well let me explain, the reason why I came to this pipeline program was to learn more about marine biology and developing essays to send to colleges. My favorite part of the day is lunch and dinner. because I am always hungry.

Tuesday July 11th                                                                                                         – Marisa Sosa