by: Tyvon

All the summer programs that I have attended I would have to say this is my favorite because it teaches a lot about responsibility, teamwork, friendship, and hard work. This program is very unique because of its location, and people which I’ve never experienced before. For everyday I stay here my connection with all the members, mentors, staff, and the elders of this program grows stronger. When I first arrived the people were very welcoming and full of excited energy like they’ve pride and effort into this and I can tell that the people, that work here and help us, love their jobs and they leave such a positive impact. Whenever we do any kind of work it is to continue building all four aspects, that I have mentioned earlier, like for example the elders and mentors put so much work into this program in order to make it such a positive place. This program has done so much in such little time to educate all of us so very much and that is why this is my most favorite summer program.


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