The day started off by learning some indigeneous games by Hector and John. It was fun, because we got to do some running which makes me happy, because i like to run. Later on we were assigned to finish our three body paragraphs, which I admit was quiet hard because I had only just started to learn how to write essays and the end of the school year. Later on in the evening i got to learn more Aztec math and i had gotten really frustrated because i did not catch on as quickly as the older students, but Marisa helped me out and then i caught on. Each of the students got to take care of nipplewetzine ( sorry if i spelled it wrong), while we go to Wystoyo. My favorite part of the day was when i got to create a basket. I created a basket for my great gradmother ( Julia Bogany ) for her birthday tomorrow. I know how she likes my baskets so i made her a type of basket shape ive never made before.( that was one of my favorite parts of the day).  As i was making the baskets i felt a connection with how our culture used baskets for so many different things. The best part of my day when when i got to call my great gradfather ( I call him Honey) and tell him happy birthday, and that itself i am truly thankful for. Just getting to talk to him, and getting to make a basket for my Nana made my day the best it can be.

~Marissa Aranda


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