Today was a great day, just like every day i’ve been here. Today we did indigenous games, taught by John, and we learned about strategy. I felt the discipline, the unity and the strategy from the techniques. We did lots of running today, we kept formations during the runs. But later was probably my favorite part of the day, we walked out of our dorms and we walked toward the talking circle and I was a bit late but not too late. When i got there i thought to myself “How am i going to start this” I haven’t made baskets in such a long time. Last time I actually made a basket was in the seventh grade and it was at my school. I forgot the strategy of how to make the basket, so it felt good to actually do it again.  While making the basket, I had a pattern, starting with the light color and then going to dark in a pattern.  I love making baskets with a group because you can see how amazing others are at being creative. I would say that i made an alright looking basket, but I saw some amazing designs. I am still enjoying everyday while being here, being here makes me forget and be happy.


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