Today was again, pretty amazing. Having a good day and doing stuff I love is inevitable here at this program. We did indigenous games and we ran which usually I hate pero it was with the rest of the female homies so it was more empowering instead of tiring. We did academic writing and Huitzilin and I were laughing over stuff that makes absolutely no sense…also inevitable. Aztec math was difficult but then it got easier and then it got difficult again…I swear that numbers hate me. After that, I went to the pool and was doing stupid stuff with Anna, Issac, Coyo and Jarrod. And something occurred to me that I never legitimately noticed until I was playing pool volleyball: all of us here are the future. And I know this sounds totally stupid and obvious. But I’ve connected with literally everyone here and it feels so nice. We’ve all gone through shit and yet here we are making a difference in the world for our communities. Then there was basket-making and I talked to Jarrod about what he wants to do in the future and Cuauhtli about his life. I’ve bonded with those two and they’re such amazing guys. I truly admire their existence in my life. We had dinner after that and I was told something that was so…different. Something I’ve never heard in my life. So I was at the dinner table and Zion tells me that I’d be a good mother because I care and constantly know whats going on with others. And Cuauhtli agreed with him and said it was my energy. and it might sound weird that that comment hasn’t left my mind since I heard that which was almost 2 hours ago but at the same time it was eyeopening and kind of flattering hearing teenage MALES say that to me. I’m so used to the typical, stereotypical boy attitude so that was very comforting and relieving to hear. I’m tired.



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