Hi everyone,  I just want to touch base and say what a great job you are doing with your blog posts!!!  I see many of you really pushing to develop your critical thinking and the power of your voice!!!! Soooo very impressive!

Genna is leading again this evening and I will see you Monday up at Wishtoyo.  I am having Genna screen a short “Injunuity” animation about the Influence of the Six Nations Confederacy on The United States system of Democracy.   I am hoping it will connect with some of the issues brought up in Spirit Game film and will prepare you for the “Doctrine of Discovery”  film you will see Monday evening at Wishtoyo. “Injunuity” is Native American produced series of animations utilizes documentary interviews with  contemporary indigenous activists, youth, elders etc… and then animates their stories.  Here is a link to an interview with the director if you want to know more.

There are many ways to tell stories, film, physical theater, ceremony, dance, poetry, some of these forms you have experienced here in the program. You all have important and amazing stories to tell and I am glad you sharing your stories and writing with us!

Write about your day and how what you do here in the NY2C program connects to your own personal story!

Here is a playlist for all of the “Injunuity” short films



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