Today was a really productive day, especially the whole morning. The morning was pretty intense with all the Shelva classes. Since I came last year, I didn’t have to create a common application so instead I brainstormed on my essay for the application. I feel like my topic can either be really good or really dumb. My prompt said to write about an idea i’ve challenged in the passed or just talked about. I made mine about the idea of existing. First I was just going to talk about me and the different ideas of existing, while also talking about what shaped my beliefs, but I connected it to something else today. During Shelva’s class, she showed us a video that said some people did not know native people existed. That is what made me choose my topic. I want to talk about this issue in my essay. What is it to exist? How do you get recognized? What can the indigenous people do to exist or just anybody? If it is about doing something extraordinary or being something important, what can I do to exists? In a few 100 years, you won’t be remembered, so will you exist? The only way you can get remembered is if you were important. I also saw the connection with this in the Nepohualtzinzin. The Nepohualtzinzin would’ve been forgotten and wouldn’t of existed, but technically it did. It just wouldn’t because we won’t remember it. Anyways I think you get the point.

Something we did today that connects me to my own personal story is the Nepohualtzinzin. I love math and just the idea of the Nepohualtzinzin is amazing. I feel like this Nepo is just improving my math skills which will help me later for engineering, which is what I want to do. The Nepohualtzinzin is also part of my childhood because I’ve been at the same school for years. We’ve always been taught to count the Nepo, but in 3 days I learned more than what I learned in 12 years! This will also help me with my programming. Ive been trying to program a Nepohualtzinzin  for the past year. I did this for my personal project last year. Its an honor having vincente around, he has so much knowledge, he is probably the creator himself.



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