35948274405_7c5b0bb263_z“Write about your day and how what you do here in the NY2C program connects to your own personal story!”

My day started off with a good breakfast, and a good day of english. I started my essay that we write every year for the common app, and I already chose a prompt and finished my first outline. I am so excited for this paper, because I used to be so self conscious about my writing and last year really helped me (thank you Shelva!). Theses days, I love writing essays and expressing myself. Mostly because of this program, and I am so thankful for the strength I gained.

After the English and common app, AZTECA MATH happened and I really feel better about it! I am learning it after the couple days that we have had it, I look forward to the future with a Napohualtzintzin by my side. Big thanks to Kandonache, for the teachings and the blessings.

Basket weaving was next and I absolutely enjoyed it again! Last year we did it and I gave the bowl I made to my mother, this year I get to keep it because I have already made one. ( in my culture and many, we have to give our first creation away of certain things we make) Thank you to the elder that blessed us with the knowledge, it is such a gift to hold these teachings from all of our elders.

As the days go by, what I do here already becomes part of my personal story! I get to go throughout my life telling these stories about my experience and sharing other stories that I’ve learned throughout my 3 year time frame with the Pitzer Program.  I am so excited to use my personal story, including my Pitzer story, with youth from all over in my lifetime. What an exciting future I look forward too!!! FOCUSED AND FULL OF HAPPINESS HERE!



Thank you,

Katherine Jefferson (Kat)


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