What can I say about July 15, 2017, it was energetic, relaxing, and as any other day a learning experience. Waking up so early to have indigenous games with Hector Pacheco and his younger brother, John Pacheco. It is crazy how they get my adrenaline pumping and have my mind thinking about how today would be and I did not think it would turn out the way it did. I can easily connect the indigenous game I have been learning from my brothers, Hector and John because at the moment we are learning moves of martial arts from the mexica people. Since sixth grade I have been taught martial arts from Hong Kong, China from an instructor from Bejing, China. So, having the experience to learn different forms of martial arts is very exciting because it always makes me happy and it is something I loved from the very beginning.

Now to the learning experience of the day, was with Shelva in her class of academic writing and common application. Throughout her class we brainstormed about our personal statement we would be writing for the time that we are in this program. I already had the experience of writing a personal statement on how I have helped my community and made a difference. Ever since I wrote that personal statement, I have been excited to write another and now that I am getting the chance to, it is giving me the chance to get ahead in my education. 

Now comes the relaxing portion of the day, aztec math and basket weaving. Aztec math brought me back many memories from my childhood at my elementary school, Academic Semillas Del Pueblo. Every day for about six years, I was taught many different ways to use the Nepohualtzintzin, but being in a class with Vicente has taught many different stories that I did not know and also other ways to use the Nepohualtzintzin. I never had the chance to do basket weaving, but doing it today, relaxed me very much and gave me the chance to connect with my peers a lot more. It was a way to bond and concentrate at the same time and it is rare that you get in one activity. I am very glad that mother earth gave us such a beautiful day to do all this exciting activities that I was very prepared and pumped to do. 

always happy, Johanna Osuna





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