Today, it was a slow easy day until right before dinner. We went to the talking circle with Elder Lori. It was very interesting at how the pattern was. We had the basket material soaked so it can bend but won’t break. It was a warm day so it was easy for the material to dry up. It took along time but it was fun weaving the basket back and forth back and forth back and forth. And Mom if you are reading this, I have made one for you. Every thing else was good and normal. It was chill. That is all I can say.


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2 thoughts on “Bask It and Weave-Coyo

  1. Awe! Yes Coyotl! I did read this and I am tearing up! Thank-you and miss you both! 💗 Mom

  2. Aww.. cute Bennoz! Thank u!! Yay cant wait for u to come home! Enjoy ur experience out there! We love u & miss u!!

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