Wishtoyo is always an amazing experience. I learn so much about tradition and culture. Like always, the Wishtoyo village welcomed us with a song. I forgot how it went, but I remember it was pretty cool. During these three days, we cooperated with each other in every way, except the dishes. For some reason nobody wanted to the the dishes. I learned a few songs here and there, but I can’t take too much knowledge so I forgot some stuff. My favorite experience at Wishtoyo was the sweat. In the beginning, I didn’t think it would be too hard and I almost died (Not literally). I don’t know how hot it was in there, but I didn’t matter because the hotter the better. I got to bond with my brothers in a very special way. I can talk more about this, but I want to respect the experiences and events that happened in there, whatever happened at the sweat stays in the sweat. Still can’t believe I was at Wishtoyo’s first sweat! It a really huge honor to be there with such amazing people, especially Mati and Luhui for making all of the Wishtoyo experience possible. I wanted to thank all the elders that were there, they taught us many things. I like how they didn’t really repeat the thing we did last year, but instead they had new activities for us prepared. My favorite activity was surfing. It was my first time surfing and I don’t want to brag, but I’m kind of a pro (Besides the fact I fell like 5 times). I also want to thank the cooks for making such awesome food. My favorite was the little macaroni thing that was in the huge bowl. It was so amazing I wanted a third bowl! Anyways Wishtoyo has taught me so much in terms of traaditio  and the ways of our people. It also gave me a bad sunburn behind my neck and back, but it doesn’t matter because every once in a while now it reminds me of what happened at Wishtoyo.

After Wishtoyo:

Yesterday when we came back from Wishtoyo, there was a class of music scoring for films and video games. This was one of the best ones. The guy Ben Florio was really awesome. He really made me think more about the films and video games. I never really noticed the music behind these things, I just kind of thought they were thrown in there. In reality, there is a place for every string, drum, or flute. Its all about timing. He also used one of my favorite scenes from One Punch Man, an anime, as an example for his class. I also had a good laugh while he played the scene of Harry Potter when Dobby died. He’s such a funny elf! Then today, Indigenous games was really fun. I hardly ever want to wake up for indigenous games because I am not a morning person, but whenever I am there, he finds a way to wake me up and keep me energized. We played the game called Flower Wars where we had to capture the staff from the person holding it. There was a lot of running involved in that exercise and I love running. It is one of my greatest talents. After that, we did the common applications workshop with Shelva, but I don’t know what happened so the seniors were sent off to another activity to learn about college admissions through the common application. Then I ended the day with a good talk with my homie Vicente, the creator himself. He told us story and he showed us the medicine here at the college.


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