1st day

My very first day at Wishtoyo was very awesome! The people there greeted us, as we came in, with songs and hugs. I felt very welcomed to be there. The view of everything was very beautiful. We all went to the beach after 2 hours of settling into our tents. The beach was nice, the water felt good to my feet and legs. A hour went by and we all came back to camp all wet. We celebrated Auntie Julia’s birthday, it was nice. I saw some new faces but didn’t get to talk to them. As we ate dinner, we listened to Kat’s amazing song. Her song/voice gave everyone chills. After all of this my friends and I took a group picture, it came out really nice. I made some new memories thereat Wishtoyo.


2nd and 3rd day

The two days combined was very fun, we basically did the same thing. Woke up at 7:30 for the morning ceremony, ate Nana’s delicious food, and did the best activities. We went to the beach and surfed, it was the best time. I had so much fun at Wishtoyo, can’t wait to go there next year again!!35222657403_e6e879614b_z


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