First, words can not explain how closely related I feel to my Chumash people. Mati, Luhui, Auntie Georgie, Auntie Mena, Uncle Johnny, Nana, Uncle Ray, Leah (and Mateo), Sergio, Sarah, Kotes, Joe, Shoshoy, Sumo, and Ashk’a. Coming from another Coast Salish area and visiting with the Chumash who are also from the coast is absolutely amazing and such a blessing. The last three years in this program, I made a family and a home at Wishtoyo. It truly is a Rainbow, and I could follow it forever. The Turtle and Dolphin clan, I feel are gonna be my forever family. So many stories and teachings are stuck in my mind and I hope I never forget them. Songs, stories, teachings, blessings, prayers, gifts, creations, laughs, FOOD, scenery, history, love, kindness, traditions, and so much more are given to you when you go to Wishtoyo. Humaliwu, also known as Malibu, is the original homelands of the Chumash and we are always welcomed with open arms.

Right after I typed this paragraph above, my computer shut off and I thought I lost all my writing just now. I couldn’t stop myself from crying because I put my heart into it. It was a paragraph I could have written again but it just meant so much too me. The effect that Wishtoyo has had on me, its like I can’t even handle losing just a little piece of it. The memories and people that are now part of my life mean the world too me. I know there are going to be more journeys to Lemu, Wishtoyo, and Humaliwu. Thank you too my family, and friends from the rainbow.

You’re forever my family,

I love you all



Thank you,




One thought on “Wishtoyo- Kat’s reflections

  1. Kat, you made me tear up reading that.
    You have a beautiful voice (in more ways than one, haha).
    You as a writer were able to invoke my emotions and make me feel like I was there with you. It is clear that this post comes from your heart.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your gratitude. Never stop.

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