As I’ve been advertising to many of my peers. Our generation is the 7 Generation. As said by sitting bull we are the ones to bring back our traditions. To bring back the language, food, teachings, and stories. I truly believe that we are and will live up to the expectations. I will take back the songs of the many different nations that I’ve learned over these 2 weeks. I hope to see in the future that we will stay true to all the things that our elders are teaching us about other earth. That mother earth is our protector she is the one keeping us alive she is our everything. I hope to see that all us young adults will teach others on how to treat the earth on what and not what to do. We did research at the Chumash Village. We learned that global warming is happening and it’s making the sea level rise quick. I remember being at Wishtoyo a year before this. There was a decent size beach and walk way . Than when we went the other day i noticed there was very little room to walk and hardly any beach space. It’s awesome to be the generation that is watching it happen. We can also be the ones to slow down or change things that we were are doing now to increase the speed of it rising. Our group talked about things we can do as a community to help. One is the eat less red meat to decrease the about of pollution in the air. We also thought that if we would to keep our cities clean and to use less plastic. Lastly we thought to plant more greens and plants.  To decrease the amount of green house gases. I would say a role model to me here. would be my lovely friend Aleyah she has been apart of my life since she was 6 and I was 9. Some people say its weird or would never look up to somebody who is younger but to me its perfectly fine. Adults still as they older learn from the younger generation. I have seen her from being a little girl always asking questions and being annoying lol. To becoming a great, mature and power young role model to many. I hope to continue watching her grow up to be one who leads our people.






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