Being apart of this program has made me feel really inspired and has pushed me to be more open with others about my culture and have a positive attitude. Now  that I have this ball full of energy, power and motivation I want to go deeper and really educate myself more about my culture and not just focus on Danza Azteca. Like for an example I want to practice more on the nepohuantzinzin and learn more of my traditional songs as well as learning how to speak in my native tongue. Hopefully later on I will complete these goals in my future, eventually when I have I children I will past down my knowledge to them and expect for them to continue the traditions and culture to the future generations. In the program the person that has made think about this is Vicente, Vicente is a very passionate human being that has made me really reflect upon myself and since we share the same identity it makes me even ,more engaged and feel even more humble knowing that I have another peer in my community who’s educated about our culture and who’s taking the time to share his experiences and knowledge with me.




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