today we met with joe parker a white hair, nice pair of glasses, nicely dressed middle aged white man. Imagine a bear in a four cornered room walking around writing on a black board. I compare him to a bear because bears are strong and he has a lot of wisdom. When he passed out his papers I got excited because it was about the zapatista movement. I felt like we learned from eachother. I kind of corrected him. He wrote women and I told him to write it with a y (Womyn). He was like woah. And surprised. Everyone else in the room was like what are you talking about. I explained it to kids who asked me after class. I told them its a womyns empowerment movement. My mom put me into that she said “its womyn spelled with a y!” I tried to think about it today. So the word women has the word men in it so the only way they can self identify is with the wo because theyre not a man unless they identify as a man.

He had a lot of knowledge about revolution and that kind of stuff. He was a white man, but he knew what he was talking about. And I want to know what im talking about, when that knowledge needs to be shared.


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