Today was the anatomy lab at Western U, and don’t even get me started on how much I love anatomy and medicine because today I wanna talk about something close to that. I want to bring up the fact that it is very hard for native people to be in a lab like that. Up close to cadavers, also know as dead bodies given to schools or organizations for study. Our teaching’s usually don’t allow us to be around dead bodies, because they could still be caring spirits around and to avoid getting to deep I just wanted to bring it up. Especially, because we did protect ourselves with medicine before going in, but we also got to witness and learn amazing things today. If we didn’t use prayer to the creator, so he can protect us, we wouldn’t be given these opportunities. The ways of our people are changing, but it may not be a bad evolution. Our ancestors may have not approved then of these certain practices, but I know that they’re proud of us for building our futures. Especially because we are practicing in safe ways, with medicine and support from elders and our communities.

Thank you to Kaydee for being apart of this program, and being such a huge role model in my life. I will make my own path in modern medicine and traditional medicine, but just know that you’re another reason why I am following through with my dreams.

P.S. I want to be able to read the anatomy book in Navajo if possible Kaydee!

P.S.S. I love you so much! *tink*



Thank you,

Katherine Jefferson (Kat)native_wp_2


2 thoughts on “Bodies – KAT

  1. Kat, it is always so inspiring and eye opening to read your posts. You are insightful and it shows in your writing that you care deeply for your ancestors and your future children.
    Thank you for your thoughts, please keep sharing!

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