Today was a pretty chill day for me , i woke up kinda late but had a great start still. We had breakfast hen headed over to western university to the cadaver lab. I didn’t get to go because i wasn’t old enouGH, BUT thats ok because physically and mentally i don’t think i was ready. I did get to do the virtual reality one though. Technology is so beneficial know. My mom would have never had the luxurious content things that we have today , that is why i am so grateful. After we came back we had sack lunches but that wasn’t so bad then we had some free time and even though i’m really shy i sang for some people here at the program. After i kind of felt unshy, then we got on the computer and i was even confident enough to show them some talent shows i’ve been in before. Then we started watching funny auditions on x factor and stuff and then we were watching wild’n out and those were funny. After we worked on some math with veesenthay and then it was free time so i headed to the gym with a few of my friends from here and we were putting in some work and then it was time for dinner. I kind of regret eating right after exercising because i just burned off a lot of calories and then gained them al right back, but thats ok.After dinner we had a lecture about our future kind of, its hard to say because we were on a lot of topics. Over all it was a blessed day.


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