There are many people to look up to in this program and so many of them inspire me. Honestly i cant just pick one person who has so far inspired me in this program i cant even think of one. I can on the other hand think of 27 people who inspire me, 27 amazing people. These 27 people who I’ve just only meet in this past week have inspired me one way or another. Everyone of these pitzer program students have a different story that they have overcame and that is what truly inspires me.

As i sat in my chair i looked around and saw blankets in the far right corner of the room, the tired faces of my fellow friends and elders entering the room i automatically felt such a strange feeling as if something big was gong to happen. Once we were told what we were going to do I did not expect what was to happen next. Once our activity started I quickly started feeling so uncomfortable and started feeling heavy from my chest that was filled with such anger. Towards the end of the activity I saw how affected my friends were by what they experienced. Once they started sharing how they felt about this activity I saw how even though there families were perhaps affected by what the colonizers have done they were still so brave on how they overcame the destruction the colonizers have left behind. These 27 people are such an inspiration in my eyes each and every single one of them will do amazing things.

Peace and Love Christine


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