Christine’s – Love to my Professors

To my professors… These past two weeks have been absolutely amazing especially having your classes. Vicente Candonache… I have always known about the nepohuantzintzin but the way you introduced to me really shocked me and I enjoyed every second of your class. In the beginning I didn’t think you could do so much with the nepo but now I know how to add, subtract, divide, multiply and even do square roots because of the knowledge you brought to us in these past 2 weeks. I enjoyed all your stories and games you brought to us and I cant wait to be able to take the knowledge you shared with us and even share it with my school. I also would like to tell you how much I appreciate that you brought danza into our classes because Ienjoy doing danza, i have done it since 6th grade and doing it today brought me so much joy. Today was my last day sitting in those hard plastic chairs in that cold room but I will miss that room for it was always brightened up by the faces of everyone enjoying your class so much. So with this all I can say is thank you.

Shelva Paulse… I have to say I was rather scared of even the thought of college in the beginning of the pitzer program even at the end of my junior year. I had so much fear in my personal statement and even had no clue what I would write about. Well now… with the help of you i can say I cant wait to go to college and i cant wait to begin the process of it. Shelva thank you for all you have taught me and for helping me begin this process of heading towards college. I will never forget any of you 

Peace and love Christine 


Christine’s day at the cadaver lab

Today I woke up in a very tired mood but after the indigenous games I woke up and was ready for my day. Today I was very excited to be able to be in a cadaver lab at Western University because I love being able to learn about the body and how it works and just the different ways your body reacts on what you consume and/or put on it amazes me. Today was basically a glimpse into what i may see in my future… for the longest I’ve always wanted to be a cardiovascular surgeon which basically means i would be working a lot with the heart. Learning what I learned today made me feel more excited to become a cardiovascular surgeon. Today would perhaps be my 4th time being in the lab and getting to learn just a little bit more about the heart made me very happy. The body is amazing and the functions of our body are absolutely crazy. We are basically big machines who live in this crazy machine wired world.

Peace and Love Christine

Christine’s Inspiration

There are many people to look up to in this program and so many of them inspire me. Honestly i cant just pick one person who has so far inspired me in this program i cant even think of one. I can on the other hand think of 27 people who inspire me, 27 amazing people. These 27 people who I’ve just only meet in this past week have inspired me one way or another. Everyone of these pitzer program students have a different story that they have overcame and that is what truly inspires me.

As i sat in my chair i looked around and saw blankets in the far right corner of the room, the tired faces of my fellow friends and elders entering the room i automatically felt such a strange feeling as if something big was gong to happen. Once we were told what we were going to do I did not expect what was to happen next. Once our activity started I quickly started feeling so uncomfortable and started feeling heavy from my chest that was filled with such anger. Towards the end of the activity I saw how affected my friends were by what they experienced. Once they started sharing how they felt about this activity I saw how even though there families were perhaps affected by what the colonizers have done they were still so brave on how they overcame the destruction the colonizers have left behind. These 27 people are such an inspiration in my eyes each and every single one of them will do amazing things.

Peace and Love Christine

Christine’s Trip to Rainbow Village

Wishtoyo… what an amazing village filed with such good energy and amazing people. On Sunday July 19, 2017 the students of the Native Youth 2 College Program went on a 2 Hour drive to visit the amazing village of the Chumash people in Malibu, CA. Since we entered the village I had already felt such good energy and I was already so happy to be there. We were all greeted with a song by the Chumash people in their language.

On day one of our trip at Wishtoyo I had already learned so much about the Chumash culture and even about myself. I learned that when women are on there moon time that they are so powerful and that they should not feel embarrassed of there moon but instead be happy of this amazing gift the creator has given us. I as well heard such a beautiful story about the Chumash people and how they are connected with dolphins. On that first day at Wishtoyo I felt so happy and already loved by the Chumash people including Mati and Luhui. I loved learning about myself there as a young indigenous women with Luihui to Learning to throw the Atl Atl with Mati. During the next couple of days in wishtoyo I got so connected with the other students in this program that they felt so much like my family at home. On the last night at Wishtoyo I was so sad to leave such a beautiful place. Wishtoyo is an unforgettable village filled with unforgettable people and I cant wait to go there again and hopefully next time as a mentor.



Christine’s Day of Connections

Today July 15,2017 we started our day off with Indigenous games with Hector and John and focused on strategies as well as unity. Towards the end of the games I looked at everyone around me and felt just right at home because home is where family is and here in this program it already feels like a family. I enjoy these games we play everyday because we involve martial arts into it and since I was in middle school I would do martial arts in my school and they would invite an instructor from Beijing,China. His name was Bing Shi Fu and he was such a wise and amazing instructor full of happiness in what he does and he always had such joy in showing us what he knows. Hector Pacheco reminds me so much of this instructor because just like Bing Shi Fu Hector has so much joy into showing us these indigenous games that were shown to him. I very much enjoy these games which help me learn such valuable skills just like when I did martial arts at my school.

Today we also had Aztec math with Vicente and I felt so much at home because in my school we use the Nepohualtzintzin and its such a wonderful tool that makes math so much simpler. Vicente loves to tell such amazing stories and these stories remind so much of when I was a little girl and my mother would tell me stories. Towards the end of the day we weaved baskets and that was my favorite part of my day. I enjoy doing arts and crafts so much it helps me relieve stress and it becomes very therapeutic for me. I feel like every time we do these hand on activities it reminds me of my humble home. So far in this program not only have we’ve done things that remind me of what I usually do in my regular life but this program has also taught me so many new things that have slowly been helping me grow. I am so thankful for everyone for being so together and so energetic during the day. I am so excited for what is to come tomorrow on our trip to Wishtoyo.

Peace and Love Christine

Christine’s Days of Empowerment

These past two days have been wonderful connection with the rest of the kids at this program, with this i would like to share what happened. On Thursday July 13,2017, the day started off so energetic with our indigenous games with Hector  and Josh. These games empowered me and helped me gain such important values such as discipline and unity. I enjoyed making the soap stone necklace with Julia although it did take me longer to finish than everyone else but at the end i loved doing a hand on activity. Although we did many activities this day I would actually say that the activity that had such a huge and powerful impact in my life would have to be the blanket exercise with our brothers and sisters from Canada.

The blanket exercise was basically a visual representation of the struggles and the impacts the European men had on the lives of the indigenous people of Canada. While the exercise was going on I felt such an anger in me not only because of how the indigenous people were affected but on how it is affecting all indigenous people today especially the other students in this program. Once the exercise had ended we all got to share our thoughts and feelings on what we felt an/or saw. while going around I got to hear many unfortunate storied of my fellow peers about how they were affected and there families were affected as well by the colonizers. I was heartbroken and surprised to hear these stories from them because you don’t really expect to hear those stories from people. I am very happy for this exercise which helped me connect and have more trust in these wonderful people here in this program as well as take my anger and use it to go back home and find more ways to help our people regain what was taken from us many many years ago.

Today July 14,2017 was a day of connecting and sharing with the rest of the young ladies in this program. Once lunch ended boys and girls got separated to have some time to connect in between gender groups. In our session we spent time doing arts and crafts with our elder Julia. We began once Julia set the individual bags with beads, wire and 4 loose chains in them. Once we all had our own bags with beads I began to add one by one of my beads onto my wire, with every bead I put into my wire I felt a connection being built with the rest of these beautiful and strong young women who were sitting besides me. While hanging the 4 loose chains onto my bracelet I felt thought of 4 women traumas and that is what each of the loose chains on my bracelet mean. Once we were done wit our bracelets we all picked one paper with a beautiful design on the front and an inspirational quote on the back. While doing this we all connected by dancing, singing and being very silly. Before this happened we got an amazing opportunity to spend three hours with ur aztec math teacher Vicente, during these three hours we did danza and Vicente shared some amazing stories with us that I will keep in mind. I appreciated everything we did today and want to give thank to everyone for really trying to connect.

Peace and Love Christine



Christine – Day 2, Spirit game: Pride of a Nation

On July 12, 2017, The youth of the Pitzer pipeline program had such an amazing experience today from learning more upon college and there requirements to ending our day with a new indigenous movie created and directed by Gayle Anne Kelley titled Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation. It was amazing to learn the true history and origin of the game lacrosse and how from a young age the iroquois players would play. I learned that the game lacrosse had more meaning which was for medicine to express themselves instead of a game to just play between each other.

The movie was such an informational movie especially for the youth to inspire them and show them some of there history. The movie was so touching just to see how all 6 nations came together to have this home game in there reservation and how even though they lost there final game they all were still so supportive of each other because at the end of the day the game is just a way to show there creator the respect they have for him and appreciation for the game he created. I hope to see more films like this one day and to just see more of our culture and history being shared to the world.

Peace and Love Christine

Christine’s First Day

Hey everyone I wanted to just quickly introduce myself and tell you all about my wonderful first day at pitzer college. My name is Christine Estudillo a student at Anahuacalmecac University of Preporatory of North America and a this is my first year at the Native 2 Youth College Pitzer College Program. I am very energetic and hope to use all of that energy during this 2 week program.

My First day at Pitzer I was amazed by how far away people came from just to be here and to participate in this program. I enjoyed seeing all these people share there indigenous backgrounds and seeing how we all are different yet we are still connected in many ways. I was very nervous in the beginning but throughout the day I gained confidence and I got to meet so many different people and find a connection with them in some way. We did activities from Theatre to a talking circle where we all shared who are rocks /role models are and even did a hand on activity by making clapping sticks. I would like to say that my favorite part of the day would have to be Theater because that was were I was able to loosen up a bit and finally get to meet so many people. Over the next few weeks I would love to learn more about my peers cultures and as well as learn to create something new every day.

Peace and Love Christine