Today in the Gross Anatomy lab, all of us were studying the organs of human being. As I was holding a human heart, I was amazed about how real that moment was. I was holding someone’s organ that beats with emotion and feeling. It was someone’s heart that beats at a fast pace when they feel love and excitement. I was always told that I have a huge heart. Not literally but emotionally. For me, it feels better to give than to receive because it gives me a warm feeling. It’s that type of warm feeling when you do something good and someone gives you appreciation. Even the smallest good deeds is always a good deed because there isn’t a lot of good people in this world anymore. So I really like to help people and that’s why I volunteer the most I can such as student council and National Honor Society. I don’t do this to get other people’s approval, i help people because it’s just how I was raised. Being a daughter of two Air Force veterans isn’t easy. My parents are always on me, but I know they are stern because they care about me. So by having a big heart, I hope to inspire and be a good role model. 35887462866_237f96e278_z


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