today i was effected by Katherine and the writing excises that we did. She had made us listen to a song and write what we feel or write what we think the story behind the song is. In the first song i wasn’t that much effected i just wrote a story about a mysterious man stealing and getting caught, because the music was almost like a pink panther song. The next song we did had effected me more than the first because, i wrote about a man and a women dancing at their wedding and all the feelings they had going on inside of them. The second one had more emotional feeling and had more metaphors to it that makes the story better and more interesting. The third one effected me the most because, i wrote about a band that was homeless and supported each other and worked together to make a better life for themselves. The part that effected me the most was that there was a part in the song that sounded depressing and thats when i wrote about a member of the band dyeing and the band is effected. Afterwards the band worked together to complete a promise that they made to the dead member which was, all of them will have a home, food, and will continue to perform on the streets. Thats what i felt like the song vibe was. Overall i just wish we had more time to express the story more with better detail, so that i can show the true meaning instead of rushing.

~ Marissa Aranda ( Dancing Butterfly)


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