What another groovy fantastic day here at Ptzer College. I started off my morning in a really good way, I woke up at seven thirty in the morning to do Danza with Vicente and other students and mentors. When I was dancing it gave me such a rush and I started to remember the moments I’ve had at ceremonies and practices and it just gave me such a good vibe. The sun was definitely covering my whole body and sending me good energy to keep moving my patas and continue to move my body. Then towards the ending of the day we had a session with Katherine Watkins which was a lot of fun and my favorite part was when she played some really good tunes and we had to write what we were feeling when listening to the song. She played two songs that made me so happy cause it brought good moments that I’ve had with my family, it kind of made me sad because I wish I still had those moments with my family. But overall I’m ready to end the program on a good positive note and see my family and get back into the groove with them and be  in my element again.


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