Today, i was woken up to someone knocking on my door to tell me to get to the mounds for Danza. I was woken up a half hour before i wanted to but i was ok with it. I got up put on some clothes and walked straight down to the mounds. While walking i realized that it was a bit warm but not too hot. When i got there i noticed that some people had already started. And then i noticed that there was only about ten people there out of the twenty-five students. Most of the students were sleeping in, and then i told myself, “they are lucky” but i did enjoy the Danza after all. I’m going to skip the rest of the day and go right to one of the best lectures i have ever heard in a while. Joshua Hathaway told us about what really happened back in the day. He told me things that i didn’t really know before and i was so into it. I have to admit, it’s one of the first lectures that was actually interesting to me. He told us what the colonists did to our people and how our people suffered. I don’t want to get into much detail but i just wasn’t to say that i was so intrigued about what he was saying. And how i felt like i am actually apart of something and that i should be a part of it. Today was also just a chill day but i did enjoy most of it, i love to learn, like what i heard before, there is a difference in trying to learn and actually doing it. So i am actually learning so i am enjoying everyday while i’m here.


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