Joshua Hathaway is so amazing, I would go to Sherman High School just to attend his Native studies class. I loved how he taught in a decolonized way and really lifts up his students. He is another role model added to the books, because I want to receive my education and educate other Native people when I am older. Thank you so much Josh, stay teaching.

Katherine Watkins, first of all, we have the same name and that’s also fricken amazing but I also had a good time free writing and getting a feel of different writing strategies. Writing has recently became a spark in my life, and I am so excited to excel with my writing because there are so many people that have these skills and degrees that will help me grow as a writer. Thank you so much Katherine, our names are spelled the right way!



Thank you,

Katherine Jefferson (Kat)35965180751_f30e3e51b7_z


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