Today I got to sleep in for one day! I am sad we didn’t have indigenous games, but everyone needed the rest. I woke up with more energy than usual so thats a good start! I enjoyed the writing class today because I got to elaborate on my ideas and actually start on my essay. I am excited to see my final product. Its not easy to write about a theory and philosophy so I need all the help I can get. Lucky, my mentors got my back! Thanks if you read. The hardest part is fitting my ideas and stories to a small paper. On the positive side, I shouldn’t be struggling with ideas, but just organization. I feel like my essay is unique and thats how it should be.

I really liked the talk with Joshua Hathaway. I knew some of the concepts he spoke about, but I am really grateful that he elaborated more on them. He spoke about the religion of Christianity and it got me thinking. Do the people who follow Christianity know about their history? If so, why do they continue? I don’t judge religions or will tell anyone to stop their religion, but I want to know why. Its a religion that was brought form Europe and was spread through genocide and assimilation. Many indigenous people died because these European idiots said it was the right they had from god and their religion. He also said something that hit me hard, considering I am catholic and indigenous. I took no offense just to clarify, it just got me to think. He said that it wasn’t the man Jesus Christ to die for us, it was our ancestors. That got me to think about my beliefs.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 8.48.03 PM.png


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