Today we had a class with Joshua Hathaway. I would first of all just want to say thank you to our speaker that we had today. I also want to speak up to what i believe. I am Alyssa Flores I am Tohono O’ oldham, and Pima. I also identify myself as being christian. I did feel a bid triggered and sad about the words and things that he has make today in our class. He stated that I or any others are not considered Native if we are religious. He also stated THE GUY “JESUS” did’t die on the cross for us our ancestors did. I do also strongly believe in this because our people went through struggles for us too. I have an issue with this because I was both raised in my native culture and raised as a christian I believe this doesn’t make me any less native than other natives that aren’t religious. I know that this just makes me have a bigger heart and bigger mind set. I was given a calling from my lord and savior Jesus Christ that i would be called into working with youth. As a youth born into the 7th generation I know that my calling is to work for my native people on the rez. I kinda don’ t really have a lot to say because i was just so hurt and mad about what was said and i blacked out about what the rest of the conversation was about. I am NATIVE AMERICAN NO MATTER WHAT.


One thought on “Ticked Off – ALYSSA

  1. Use this experience to strengthen your faith and beliefs! I continue to pray for all of you there!!

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