Yesterday we had a workshop with two amazing womyn, Valerie Thomas and Katherine Watkins. Our  workshop was suppose to be about social justice, but in stead it became more about our feelings and the way our people are treated. People throwing around their stories on how they were told they were not black, mexican, white, or indian. I find it very ignorant how some people just get to suggest what you claim yourself as instead of respecting your race.

Today, we had a history class that was very much needed to fill my brain up with so much knowledge. The way Joshua Hathaway taught this history class, grabbed my attention instantly, having me write non-stop on my notebook page after page, it was so amazing. Teaching us about how our indigenous ancestors were colonized by the Europeans and the Christian religion. I liked the way he expressed his feelings and instead of throwing facts at us expecting us to remember it as most high school teachers do, he used his body language to explain the story about our ancestors. What I did not like, is the way he said “if you are a proud native as you say you are, step away from the religion.” Me being catholic it affected me because I felt disrespected for believing in something I should not because it caused many of ancestors pain and suffering. My mom raised me as a catholic child, and I do believe that our creator is god himself, but I was always raised by my indigenous school that taught me so much about the mexica culture and inspired me to look into my own culture.

always happy, Johanna Osuna


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