Waking up to aztec dancing with Candonache was a energizing and amazing way to start the day! I am so grateful for the knowledge and wisdom he has shared with us all and everything he has done for us! It has been a real honor having him as our professor (aztec math and aztec dancing) and I have no words that can express my gratitude towards him. I will be sure to tell my family about the Nepohualtzintzin and all the knowledge it has brought me.

I am also so thankful for our writing professor Shelva! She has taught me so much about writing and creativity. I will defiantly be using the essay she helped us with as a reference later in life when I go to apply to the nursing program!

Genna and Gina have been beyond amazing. I just want to recognize all the hard work and dedication they have put into making our blogging and this whole program fun by taking pictures and such!

Hearing Gayle Ann Kelley speak again about her journey through life especially throughout the movie: Spirit Game- Pride of a Nation was memorizing. She is such a beautiful, strong, dedicated woman. It was a real honor to hear her speak again and to get to know more about her life struggles. I am so thankful she was able to come back! I will take the knowledge and inspiration she has shared with us back to my family and community at home! We need more people in the world like Gayle. She really is a one of a kind person and deeply appreciate her dedicating some of our time to come talk to us not once, but twice!

Overall, this program has been amazing! I will take all that I have learned her back to my community and family, sharing every little detail about the family I have had the privilege of being a part of! I’ll miss everyone so much! Don’t forget about me!




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